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Histology Characterization of 3D Patient Derived Tumor Organ Tissues cultured in Bioreactor.
Abschluss: Dr med, master
Art: experimentell
Für Studierende der: medizin, Biologie
Start: ab sofort
voraussichtliche Dauer: 12 Monate
ungefährer Arbeitsaufwand: Teilzeit
Abteilung: Experimentelle Chirurgie
Doktorvater / -mutter: Prof. Dr. med Felix Rückert
Betreuer: Dr. Djeda Belharazem
Ansprechpartner: Dr. Djeda Belharazem


3DTumor spheroids and organoids are promising tools for cancer biology investigations and pre-clinical drug screenings for individualized cancer therapy development. However, those models are still limited and not able to recapitulate totally the in-vivo tumor state. Using the bioengineering of Tumor Organ Culture (TOC) in bioreactor as a new 3D model will reconstitute tumor tissues in toto. The experimental part will be focused on:
•TOC generation and treatment
•Generation of Formalin Fixed Paraffine Embedded TOC
•Sectioning of Formalin Fixed Paraffine Embedded TOC
•IHC and IF Staining
•Slides imaging (normal and deep confocal microscopy of Tumor cells and Tumor Microenvironment: ECM, Stroma, Immune cells NK; T cells and Macrophages)).
•Slides scanning and quantification (ImageJ and Segmentation)
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